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Hedge Hug





single-player, narrative-driven


PC / Mobile

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.”

— Brené Brown


Creative Director
Lead Game Designer, Game Developer, Producer, UI Designer

Major Gameplay Moments


  • Lead and collaborate with a 12-person team of multiple disciplines. Define and articulate clear and consistent visions to ensure creative alignment across the team

  • Explore innovative design and storytelling approaches to raise awareness of mental-health issues and advocate for self-reflection and self-care

  • Design, direct, prototype, and refine core gameplay scenarios, 15 major story sequences, and relevant in-game cinematics and mechanics to compose emotionally impactful gameplay moments

  • Review and discuss production priorities, timelines, and project scope with the producer, and constantly improve team work pipeline to encourage effective iteration cycles and inter-team communications and collaborations

  • Research to properly represent art-making techniques and mental-health issues as well as therapeutic interventions

  • Present the game vision at 6+ events to recruit team members

  • Showcase the project at game shows/conferences

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