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Hedge Hug

A hedgehog's daily struggle

Hedge Hug explores low self-esteem and social anxiety issues with interactive narrative-driven puzzles and emotional gameplay moments.

The story is told through the lens of a caring and sensitive hedgehog, Emma, a ceramic artist who struggles with loving and trusting herself in her daily life.


Creative Director
Lead Game Designer, Game Developer, Producer, UI Designer


How can you solve a puzzle without the right pieces?

Moving is a mobile narrative driven puzzle game that tells the story of a young immigrant who travels to a foreign land, struggling to communicate and adapt to her new environment.

Conveyed without any dialog, but rather through puzzle based mechanics, which become more complicated and difficult as the main character struggles on her journey to a new land.


Game Designer, Developer, Producer, Audio Designer

Kai Unearthed

Unearth the future. Embrace your nature.

Play as Kai, a child of traumatized revolutionaries. Fall in love with your crush as you explore the ruins of a juvenile detention center in an unpoliced future, going through a coming-of-age ceremony that transports them back to their ancestors’ experiences.

Decide how you will hold the pain of your elders and ancestors as you heal together. Learn how to touch the unknown webs of the artifacts you unEarth.


Game Designer, Developer, UI/UX Designer

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